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SDSW the Security Entrance System Specialist

Today, security is not an option but an essential service. The current digital revolution has fueled significant advances in monitoring devices, access control and intrusion detection systems, and Security Defense Systems Worldwide is on the very leading edge of this new technology. Today, the GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal technology is being incorporated into building security systems with the capability to limit access, provide video on-demand, and detect and deter intruders from a single or multiple sites, locally or remotely.

The ballistic proof GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal comes equipped with sophisticated weapons detection technology. The anti-terrorist/security portal can differentiate between ordinary items such as keys, coins, eyeglasses and jewelry while preventing weapons such as knives and guns from entering into a secured area of the facility.

SDSW the Security Entrance System Specialist


In the case of a security breach, the portal doors will remain closed and retain the individual until proper authorities arrive. In addition, the system incorporates a sonar detection system inside the chamber that prevents piggybacking by two or more people therefore only the individual that has been screened by the biometrics device is assured access into the facility while guaranteeing no other individual access. Additional security includes: digitally synthesized voice-communication system for remote communication, a pneumatic safety edge to prevent portal doors from closing on any person or object, usage tracking, emergency battery backup, and is fully ADA compliant. The GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portals can be individually customized to meet the specific performance security needs for government agencies, corporations or private facilities. By adding cameras, biometric palm, fingerprint or facial scanners, the GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal becomes the most advanced guard-free access control system for any security area. The GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal recognizes multiple masses of any shape, size, or volume inside the portal. This ground breaking technology allows only one authorized individual to enter and exit through the portal preventing a security breach called piggybacking from occurring. The GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal is fully programmable to allow controlled access, free access or no access to any entry/exit passageway.

In an airport environment, the GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal has been recognized by the FAA as the only product available today that can classify itself as an unmanned entry or egress system. Incorporated at various checkpoints, the GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal can work as an emergency entry or egress point and can accommodate for handicap accessibility while guaranteeing no security breaches. The manpower savings as an entry or exit portal alone can reach 30% to 40% of an airport’s total manned security budget, therefore recouping the cost of the system within a 6-month time period.